Continuous device security event monitoring

Capture medical device behavior data and get visibility to proactively respond to suspicious behavior and incidents in the field as they happen.

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What is Canary?

Canary empowers you to get security data from devices, including those with limited or no connectivity, via an agent or SDK. Sift through the noise and zero in on the device security events that matter, enabling you to proactively respond to incidents. Canary is your comprehensive and scalable solution for extracting, processing, and storing device security event data that integrates with your existing security systems.

Why do you need Canary?

Your Challenge

You have a myriad of different devices in the field. Some have limited
or no connectivity to the internet. All are potentially vulnerable to attack, but do you know which ones? You need to understand which security events need your attention. Your device ecosystem has more security events than your team can realistically manage, so you need
to focus on the ones that have the highest risk to patient safety and your bottom line.

You need to stay ahead of adversaries via continuous device monitoring for security related events impacting your fleet of devices. You need security event prioritization that takes your device’s unique environment and security posture into account so you don’t waste time.

Your Solution

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Track your devices in the field

Keep track of your total number of devices, those that are connected vs offline, and be alerted to any newly added devices. Devices can be located in the cloud or on-prem, and can report security event data without needing inbound access from the internet. 

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Proactively respond to incidents

By capturing behavior data from medical devices in near real-time, Canary quickly alerts you to suspicious events, enabling you to respond to incidents proactively, before your patients are impacted. Medcrypt is dedicated to patient safety and data privacy, and no Protected Health Information (PHI) is captured in these security events.

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Focus on most critical issues first

Integrate with your SIEM tool to automatically categorize suspicious events by severity level. Understand immediate the impact of potential security issues in your devices.

How Canary improves your life


Monitor connected and
non-connected devices

Keep track of devices, whether in the cloud and on-prem, regardless of internet connectivity. You can install our agent on your devices or embed our SDK on your devices or a centralized server you’re already using to aggregate security data.

ANalyze & Priortize

Canary centralizes all your device data

Focus on the most critical issues first, instead of getting overwhelmed with log files and trying to piece together a complete picture, use Canary as your device security event data lake.


Fewer security incidents

Canary integrates with security systems such as Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEMs), enabling you to respond to incidents proactively, before your patients are impacted.

How does Canary differ from other tools?

Canary is the only device security event monitoring tool built specifically to capture and respond appropriately to healthcare data and meet FDA cybersecurity alerting guidelines, providing you with traceability and insights that would be difficult or impossible to capture using other means.

Ready to take your device security monitoring to the next level?

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